Tammy Camilleri

Rate Your Food and Ordering Experience

Lead Designer
User Research, Wireframes, User Testing, Visual Design

Yumbi noticed that a large number of users only use the app once and don’t return. The goal of this feature is to get feedback from the app to understand why users aren’t returning.


One of the best ways to improve your app or product is by receiving feedback directly from users who have used your product first hand. On the Yumbi ordering app, customers have no way of leaving feedback on their ordering experience.


The project started with a kick off meeting between myself and the product manager to gather and understand the business requirements for this new feature. Once I had the outline of the project and the brand’s expected outcomes, I began research on various techniques that one can use to get the best feedback from users of a digital product. This discovery phase included a review of competitors on how they both initiated and collected their user feedback.

UX Process

Once the initial research phase was complete, I took the data and visuals I had gathered and moved onto creating multiple wireframes in Whimsical. This showed a variety of ways that we could implement the feature. The various screens I produced were then presented to the product manager and the design team for further discussion.

Whimsical diagram defining order types and channels
Whimsical wireframe exploring feedback options

Based on the discussions in the meeting, I went on to design 3 high-fidelity prototypes in Figma that we could use to gather some user feedback. Using these prototypes and a questionnaire, we left it to the users to click through and let us know their thoughts.

Although we expected a clear preference, the results from the user testing were more closely tied than anticipated. I always find it incredibly interesting to hear the alternative perspectives that users have that we may not have considered. That being said, there was still a favourite option that came out of the tests. I took this option and refined the design using our design system as well as reviewed the copy to produce our final UI mockup, ready to be developed.

Rate your order final design prototype
Final design


This feature is currently in the pipeline for development but I will be taking the lead role in the front-end implementation. As an HTML/CSS developer, I understand what it takes to implement the solutions I design. I take a mobile-first approach as the platform's core user base is our mobile app users. I also typically collaborate with the development team at this stage to make sure that the solution is delivered per spec.

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