Tammy Camilleri


SendBoard is a Trello power-up that connects your email address to Trello so that you can send and receive emails within the platform. Emails arrive as new cards and you can reply from within Trello.

My work on SendBoard involves close collaboration with the product owner, UX designer and development team. I am responsible for converting wireframes into high fidelity mockups as well as the HTML and SCSS implementation of these designs. For SendBoard I use the same design language as seen in Trello. I believe that SendBoard should look and act the same way in order to build credibility with users. By being consistent and keeping the design's core look and feel aligned with Trello's, our users will assume the same confidence and reliability in our product as they do with Trello's.

Lead Designer and Front-End Developer
2019 - Current
Product Design, HTML/SCSS

The email reply view in Trello where you can reply using a rich-text editor
The email thread view includes internal comments as well as email communication for team visibility
SendBoard settings options
The SendBoard power up enabled on a Trello card
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